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What is a Yoga Mat?

Aug. 14, 2021

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Yoga mats are laid on the following mats when practicing yoga. Yoga mats are divided into traditional yoga mats and upright yoga mats:

Traditional yoga mats are yoga mats without lines;

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

The positive yoga mat is a yoga mat with lines. It not only has the functions of a traditional yoga mat, but also guides the practice of more scientific and precise yoga asanas.

The material of yoga mat is generally divided into rubber foam, TPE foam, PVC foam, EVA, latex mat, NBR mat and so on.

The surface of the yoga mat has uniform particles, full bubbles, soft hand feeling, non-toxic, odorless, non-slip, strong resilience, and strong tear resistance. It is an ideal choice for yoga practitioners. In addition, the yoga mat can effectively block the cold on the ground, has a strong grip, and has outstanding resilience, flatness, slip resistance, and human skin compatibility. And you can also perform some other fitness exercises on it, which is suitable for children's play mats and outdoor camping mats.

Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, and there are many kinds of yoga mats to accompany the practitioners, but what is the material of the yoga mat? Environmentally friendly yoga mats are made of natural latex, natural rubber and other natural materials. Yoga mats should be soft and elastic. Common ones include TPE, PVC, EVA, and natural rubber.

Nowadays, yoga studios almost always provide practitioners with public yoga mats. Practitioners can practice directly. This is a very worry-free thing. But everyone does not know that the same practitioners in the previous batch were also bare-handed and bare-footed and lying down. Lie down, how many strangers' sweat and dander are left on it. Has the yoga studio been cleaned? Sharing a yoga mat with many people is like lying on someone else’s site, unfamiliar and uneasy.

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