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What is the Principle of Ankle Support?

Jul. 20, 2021

As a lightweight ankle protective orthosis, the ankle brace is suitable for patients with frequent ankle sprains, ankle ligament injuries, and ankle instability. It can effectively provide cushioning for the ankle during exercise, which can restrict the left and right movement of the ankle, prevent the sprain caused by the ankle varus, reduce the pressure on the injured part of the ankle joint, strengthen the ankle joint and promote the healing of the injured soft tissue. Moreover, it can be used with ordinary shoes without affecting walking gait. As a Posture Corrector Manufacturer, share with you.

Outdoors Sports Body Protection

Outdoors Sports Body Protection

Ankle injury is one of the most common sports injuries. Ankle injuries are common in running, jumping or changing directions. The ankle twist exceeds the individual's joint range of motion, excessive stretching and tearing of the ligaments around the ankle joint, and damage to the muscle belly and tendons of the extensor toes. Tendons and muscle belly; the junction of tendons and bone tissue is the most prone to injury. The foot and ankle are complex mechanisms, with many joints attached to the foot, many of which are micro-movement joints. The weak link of the foot and ankle joints is the main part of sports injuries.

If the muscles, tendons, and ligaments around the ankle joint have not received enough training and are in a weak state, there is a risk of injury. For example, the calf muscles may be stronger than the full calf muscles, which may lead to an imbalance in muscle strength. Or the Achilles tendon is too tight, and the front muscle is too flexible, which leads to an imbalance of flexibility. The second is the lack of warm-up and muscle stretching activities. Support straps can provide additional support and stability for weak ankle joints and injured ankle joints.

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