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Benefits Of Building Muscle With Resistance Bands

Aug. 08, 2022

Training with a resistance band is very different than using something like a dumbbell. When using a resistance band, your muscle is under constant tension. So the quality and effectiveness of each rep will be improved.

Resistance bands also recruit stabilizing muscles, making for a more well-rounded workout. They can also be added to exercise, such as body weight exercise, to increase the intensity. Resistance bands are extremely versatile and can offer benefits from muscle building to injury recovery.

Benefits Of Building Muscle With Resistance Bands



One of the best things about resistance bands is that they are extremely portable. They are small, lightweight, and bendable, which makes them the perfect travel companion. You can take them to work, on travels, or store them easily for an at-home workout.

Resistance bands are less expensive than hand-weights or plate-weights. Since they’re a one-time purchase, you’ll save on ongoing costs such as gym memberships.



Weight machines or stabilizing benches focus on one muscle group. This can make it easy to tune out of a workout. Using resistance bands can feel unstable and shaky, helping to improve core balance. The concentration of continually controlling the tension of the band, rather than allowing it to snap back into place, can help you focus on the movement and moment.



Resistance bands can be used on their own or as an addition to an existing workout. They also promote instability in the movements. This provides an opportunity to recruit stabilizing muscles. For instance if you’re doing a simple bicep curl with a hand weight, you have gravity to help you extend your arm back to the starting position. With bands, the instability makes it so your arms, shoulders, chest, and core lend some help.



Free weights are a great way to improve muscle and strength. But they do come with some warnings and risks. Just think about it — when you are holding something heavy, and begin to fatigue, you set yourself up for a dangerous situation.

Also due to the weight, it can injure vulnerable spots such as your wrists. If you bend your wrist to curl the weight, you’re at risk of straining it.

Want to make sure you’re using the right form with resistance bands? Download a trusted fitness app to guide you.



Resistance bands can be added to your existing workouts to up the game. Say for instance you’re doing a squat with weights. You can add a band around your ankles to increase the tension on your legs. Or if you want to do bodyweight exercise such as a push-up, you can hold the band in each hand and wrap it around your back. This will give more resistance when you push-up.


Resistance bands make suburb stretching buddies. They can be used to attach to a door, pole, or your own body. You can loop the band around a leg as you lay down and bring it to the side. You can use it to open up your shoulders by bringing it over your head.



Resistance bands are great for healing an injury because it’s a way to add resistance to motions without extra stress on the joints. The bands also promote blood flow and stimulation both to the muscle being worked and supporting muscles. This helps aid in a faster recovery.

If you’re new to exercise or have endured an injury, make sure to contact your doctor or physical therapist before starting a new fitness routine.


Benefits Of Building Muscle With Resistance Bands

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