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2 pieces of workout gear winter Olympians can't live without

Feb. 17, 2022

Some Olympians may spend expensive and extreme hours in training, but anti-gravity treadmills, exclusive sneakers and high-end massage therapy aren't usually what makes top athletes successful. For most people, it's a few simple - and even affordable! -workout gear pieces.


Resistance bands

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are a non-negotiable piece of workout gear for U.S. figure skater and Sochi 2014 bronze medalist Jason Brown.

"Especially since the pandemic and accessible equipment became harder to come by, I've gotten really creative with the use of resistance bands with my trainers," he says.

There's pretty much no shortage of exercises you can do with a resistance band. You can even add them to your favorite barbell moves to make them more challenging. (Pro tip: Try banded hip thrusts and you'll never look back.)

You can find exercise bands in a variety of shapes, sizes and resistance levels, depending on the exercises you want to do:

►Long-loop bands: These are the most versatile bands out there. While a must for assisting in exercises like pull-ups, they also let you squat, row, press and twist against resistance. You can also wrap them around dumbbells or barbells to make free-weight exercises more challenging.

►Small-loop bands: Also known as hip circles or booty bands, these are ideal for exercises like lateral band walks in which you want to challenge your side glutes.

►Tubes with handles: The handles on these resistance bands make it easier to grab the band for exercises like biceps curls or overhead presses.

Workout Gloves


Workout Gloves

"My fingers get cold really easily, so thick, durable gloves are a must for me," says Danielle Aravich, a 2022 Nordic Paralympic skier.

What to look for.

► Dry materials: Read about products in sweat-wicking, breathable fabrics like nylon or polyester so your hands don't get soggy.

►Warm fabrics: Wool and nylon are good choices for cold weather.

►Technology-friendly finger pads: Because who wants to take off their gloves to adjust their phone's startup playlist?

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